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I'm so glad you made it here!

I'm Kate Spencer of Nashville, also known as Classic Kate, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to assist you in getting to know me online, then perhaps, in person. I have designed this (okay, lengthy! lol) virtual brochure with the intent that once you have finished reading (and maybe laughing, becoming intrigued, feeling reassured, or perhaps even getting a little...excited?) you will be 100% positive that I am the companion for you- that our experience together will not only reflect my considerable best efforts to provide you with a memorable experience, but that I can truly enhance, and add value, to your life- even if only for an hour :).

And by the way, thank you for considering me as your companion- I'm always flattered when a courteous, discreet gentleman, woman (or couple!) invites me to add spice his or their life...
...or simply to assist them in "coming alive" again... 

Now, I'm going to tell you a little bit about me, and what you can expect- my entire site will expand on those concepts, and hopefully, you'll be clicking that Just Whistle button by the end of your exploration- it would be my pleasure!
Note: In a time crunch? The last paragraph below, entitled "At last...," is a cheat sheet of sorts, and points out the pages of my site with the most essential info :).

Why "classic"?...

Long ago a precedent was set by royal courtesans, private mistresses and other "Girls of Joy" to offer a relationship like no other in a gentleman's life- unparalleled service, certainly, from a highly skilled and knowledgeable lover- but also a woman who could cater to many other any needs, or wants, he may have. You may know exactly what you want- and perhaps I can provide that for yo.- an hour of fun, play, and relaxation during a business trip to Nashville, for example. But do not be shy about using your imagination, and perhaps let me lead you to some previously undiscovered territory; within the context of companionship, I've found many levels of conviviality and pleasure, even a type of special friendship, with my gentleman friends.


Companionship the Way it Should Be

About us...

I generally don't categorize myself with acronyms, although I've been described as providing an experience much like a girlfriend- without the nagging part, lol. I do know that when we meet, you'll be greeted warmly and enthusiastically; I think you'll find that I am eager to please (or rather, I take great pleasure in pleasing), imaginative and adventurous (and btw, I love to kiss). My primary goal is to leave you with a silly grin and weak knees you'll try to hide when we part ;). 

In addition to more traditional activities, I do offer light role-play and fetishes...as long as they are safe, sane and consensual. Speaking of which, my private chamber features an over-sized bedside chest filled with goodies capable of producing untold sensations; and when I venture out to visit my gentlemen friends in their realm, I carry a discreet travel bag with a generous selection of those items as well :).  As I mentioned earlier, I will be happy to wear lingerie for you, and accept wardrobe requests...perhaps we could even shop for, let's say, fun costumes together, or even other naughty and disreputable items! (Oh my, and what if we ventured into one of those clubs where people do the most scandalous things!....) In short, I do all I can to suit your preferences. If you have further interests not mentioned here (and not suitable to discuss before we meet in person), please consult my Q & A page for a short cheat-sheet, and you might consider checking my Raves (reviews) page for some of my client feedback, earned over the time it's taken to become a respected, reputable, trusted companion in the Nashville area. 

Personality? And philosophy... 

My demeanor ranges from vibrant, upbeat and outgoing to soft-spoken, sensitive and compassionate- but I'm probably best-known for when I slide down into sensuous and lustful, even playful in certain moments...winding up somewhere just east of cuddly and affectionate lol. I'm rather bright and always inquisitive, curious about other people and the world we live in. I am fairly educated, a good listener and a charming conversationalist. I have a sincere desire to get to know, and be a caring partner to, my regular companions. I realize this may sound over-the-top, but I have a genuine desire to cater to and please the gentlemen I choose to spend time with, and enjoy offering that kind of classic, high-quality companionship. After all, our work should ideally enhance our lives, yes? I have opted for this adventure in order to support me while I finish my education in Graphic Design (web focus), and I insist on having a high quality of life in all aspects :). So...all of that aside...I tend to be flirtatious, gracious, and always ready to laugh. And then, when romance comes rushing in...from hushed and deeply passionate to, at times, carnal and just plain naughty ;)

Independent Escort

Classic Kate

At last... 

I hope this introduction, verbose as may be, peaked your interest; perhaps you'll consider perusing the rest of my site at your leisure. !Cheat Alert! The "starred" (*) links in this summary contain the most vital info, if you are inclined to get right to the point :).  I will say that, for those of you who appreciate an awareness of *all* the facts (not to mention enjoy my occasional quips and verbal flights of fancy), I've crafted into those into this website in order to provide a carefully constructed overview of myself and what I can offer. It is designed to educate you, reassure you, and perhaps ultimately...entice you? Lol. Among other goodies, my site offers you an accurate, tempting Pictorial, the Raves page with the Reviews I mentioned, a *Q & A section with essential need-to-know tips and info, and a *Essentials page with booking particulars, from rates and payment methods to availability and beyond. My *News section reports new features and services, special savings offers, and detailed updates.

Perhaps you still have questions, or are in need of assistance in some way- you are welcome to contact me at your convenience...*Just Whistle ;). I will always do all I can to enhance the experience of the gentlemen with whom I can enjoy myself :)

Who do I choose to meet?

I am an equal opportunity provider. It is no concern of mine your age (21 or older is a must however, and gents under 35 may require additional screening), race, gender, sexual preference, religion, politics, lack of experience, or other such subjective traits of individuality. I view each new  friend I meet as a gift to be opened and explored, and I'd lose out on many great experiences were I narrow-minded. That being said, I have what I have learned are very necessary characteristics for anyone I spend time with. I only share myself with courteous, polite, gentlemanly men who exhibit dignity and respect, for themselves and for me. I tend to find these traits in the more mature, educated fellows who contact me, but not always...I do not rule out those who don't fall into that category, however, so please, just show me your best self and let's light up the night together! Also, please see the Expectations question on my Q & A page for more specific info along these lines).

"I used to be Snow White, but I drifted." ― Mae West

Interests and hobbies...

Very eclectic. Travel, fitness and exercise (I love the Y- cardio & weight training- I'll be buff and fluffy! lol), antiques, fashion, books (King and Poe are favorites...perhaps I'm a bit morbid), well-timed sarcasm, movies, a little TV (I have gotten hooked on Supernatural, Law & Order SVU and anything on  HGTV- what a strange combination!), music (mostly rock, classic and current...and I love nearly any music live!), museums of all sorts and sightseeing and touristy stuff. I have an office supply fetish and love to do web design and marketing (my new career in the making). Oh yes and I love all creatures great and small, and I am evenly a cat and dog person (ok, maybe more of a cat person, but I love dogs too, especially big ones you can roll around and play with). There's lots more, but I want to move on to you...and us!

.For our pleasure, I look forward to all we can dream up.

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My appearance...

I'm late-forties, am often mistaken for late-thirties, and although I used to be one of those BBWs (big, beautiful woman, in case you're a newbie!), I have slimmed down to be more Rubenesque or, I suppose, "extra-voluptuous" in form- a "mini-bbw". I'm a leggy 5'8 with a 38DD bust, long, soft, brunette (with tastefully-done highlights), hair which I keep in (aka wrestle into!) several flattering styles, depending on my mood :). My eyes are blue (I'm sure of it, even if my ID claims they are hazel), expressive, and are often called my "best feature" (long legs are next, lol). I frequently wear my signature smile- whether it be open and happy, wry and teasing, gentle and inquisitive...my facial expressions, as well as my physical demeanor, typically reflect my unique "presence" that no photograph can ever capture. I've was told, more than once, that I glow from the inside-out :). I am also very meticulously groomed, and take care to make sure my skin and hair are soft to the touch. I dress in a flirty but classic, style- feminine but somewhat tailored- and have a wardrobe appropriate for nearly any occasion (have swimsuit, will travel! Cocktail dresses, evening gowns too!). Speaking of wardrobe...
Lingerie addict?I have indulged myself in a voluminous selection of a variety of lingerie; for example, I often wear stockings with a garter belt (and heels, of course!), along with every style- from mild to wild, from lace and chiffon to beaded and embellished- of Victoria's Secret bra & panty set you could imagine! I've also recently added such items as a playful short, sheer black babydoll gown with strategically-placed ribbons, which untie to reveal...well, I will let you find out for yourself, lol; a racy fishnet bodysuit with lace accents, very nicely done; and a ruffle-edged satin garter skirt with matching lace balconette cutout bra (balconettes sort of provide that vintage pinup "bullet bra" look many gentlemen used to enjoy viewing in those Sears catalogs years ago lol). You are welcome to "tour" my collection during your visit if you like, including my 30+ pairs of stockings and pantyhose in a large variety of colors and textures, or my growing high-heel shoe collection. I will be happy to model items for you, or you can request I wear the ensemble of your choice during our next rendezvous. By the way, some gentlemen enjoy purchasing items that I can model for them, which I love doing; we've even "shopped together" online/over the phone! lol (often one can find a better selection online than in a brick & mortar store).