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Excerpt from "reelman":
"Kate is a BBW who loves to make you feel like you are special. Very nice large natural ****s, and a ****** kitty. Kate made it very easy for me to get comfortable, and was very outgoing. We spoke for a little while and then... "
(Couldn't access much more than this- they hide the good stuff from the ladyfolk over there lol.) 
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Excerpt from June 2015:
"As a first timer I was drawn to Kate by her website. She is very attractive and the content and attitude of her sight really put me at ease. I called her while she was unavailable and left her a message. Later she called me back per my request and was very friendly, putting me right at ease, from there we set up an appointment. Once I arrived at her house she had the door cracked open for me and as I came in she was in the kitchen getting drinks together. Upon seeing her I pleasantly surprised. Her pictures on her website cannot do her legs justice. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss and showed me back to the bathroom. From there I showered and got freshened up, she had a wonderful basket filled with all of the men's toiletry items you could ever need. Once I finished I went into the bedroom and asked if I could have a smoke first to calm my nerves she obliged leading me back to her office. We sat there for some time talking while I got my nerves up for what would come next. We then headed to the bedroom and sitting on the bed I began rubbing her leg. Members read on for the juicy details..." 
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*Rave* Reviews :)
Wow. Yanno, I'm pretty pleased with the feedback I've gotten lately. I mean, I've always pretty much consistently received positive reviews, with a few once-in-a-lifetimes thrown in there, lol. But I am thrilled that I have brought this degree of enjoyment to so many deserving gentlemen. And you want to know the best part? After having had the time I've had off for school and such- and sooo many new additions in my life- LOTS of lingerie, an outstanding incall residence, a plethora of racy items to play with- but probably more than anything, having lots more confidence since my weight loss, and my secret late-night readings in the genre of erotica.....I am here to tell you, dear gentlemen, that I am ready to Knock.Some.Socks.Off. (lol) Silly grins, rubbery legs, a spring in the step..peruse these "quality confirmations" below, and when you need me, "Just Whistle" ;)

"...As I was rubbing her leg she scooted back at my request and I enjoyed some****. First over the *******then they were pulled *****. After some time we both got up and got *********. Getting back onto the bed we held each other and engaged in ***. She then had me lay back. She then gave me a fantastic ****. After some time she got a ****** for me and we went at it **************. Afterward she got a warm ***********. She then brought me an ashtray for a relaxing smoke while we talked. After that she asked if I was ready for more. I was pretty spent so I just went for another round of ****. I then got up and began using my ****************** onto the bed.We then laid and talked for a while till my time was nearly up. She was very lax about watching the clock but I didn't want to take too much advantage of her time. So I then got dressed, made sure I had all of my things and she gave a hug and a kiss goodbye. In summary Kate is attractive and kind and not only talented at what she does, but she seems to actually enjoy it. I would highly recommend her.

"Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography." ― Robert Byrne.

Classic Kate

Independent Escort

...they both gave me **** and passed my **** back and forth between them until i couldn't take it any more. kate then instructed me to **************, which sharon absolutely loved. not to leave kate out of the party, i ****** *** of sharon, changed ******* and then ****** kate good and **** until i ****. i cant tell you what a good time i had. these girls are for real. they truly enjoy what they do and are an absolute pleasure to be with. this was one of the single hottest ****** experiences i have ever had and i get **** every time i think about it. trust me- you wont forget this experience as it cant be found with other providers. they are here to have fun and fun you will have!!!!"

Excerpt from Fall 2014:

"Kate arrived at my hotel on the agreed upon time and greeted me like an old friend with a warm embrace. After a bit of talking, Kate made me feel at ease, as I was a bit nervous. She is a great conversationalist, and I immediately knew I was in good hands, and all nervousness vanished. Kate is a great kisser, and enjoys that aspect very much. After a bit of good old fashioned ****** out, Kate and I started to get a little more serious.Kate has great legs and feet, which were very smooth when I rubbed and tasted them while she played with me over my ******. I removed her shoes, and stroked her legs, feet, and her sexy silky-smooth ******* as well. I could feel her ***** getting hotter and ****** right through her *******. I caressed her large and beautiful ******* with my ***** and ******, listening to her moan and sigh. She is very vocal! Soon standing at attention, Kate then proceed to (lots and lots of *****)......I felt like we were a real couple, with open dialogue and good conversation throughout."

Companionship the Way it Should Be

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Excerpt from "soicowboy":
"last week i had the opportunity to meet with kate and sharon for 3 absolutely wild and crazy hours. i havent had this much fun since i have been in bangkok.. the difference is, the kate and sharon didn't put on a show, they were 100 percent into our menage a trois. kate is a big woman, but with the greatest personality and she makes you feel instantly comfortable. she also has the dirtiest most creative mind i have experienced. we started off by kate deep kissing sharon and i joined in as well so all of us were kissing. we then put honey powder all over sharon and slowly ****** ** *** her entire body. kate and i both started taking turns ****** sharon and both *** her at the same time while also kissing each other...