• Can I take photos during our session? What about video?

Requests such as these typically fall into the "YMMV" territory (Your Mileage May Vary). I feel comfortable enough with the majority of my clients, that if they were to request taking private photos during our session, I would trust them to keep the images only for their private collection and thus, allow them to do so. My decisions along those lines are on a case-by-case basis. And video? Hmm, rarely, but it has happened :).

  • Do you see clients who have a disability or health issues?

Of course. However, my residential location does have about 3 steps up to the main floor. Otherwise, please make me aware of what health issues you have, and if need be, educate me briefly on anything I need to do or not do, or anything else I should be aware of. Most gentlemen have waited until they arrived and we were enjoying our initial relaxing conversation, although some let me know over the phone during the booking process. Either is fine with me, as long as you are comfortable :).

  • Anything else I need to know?


  • No drugs, or excessive alcohol use, permitted.
  • No weapons (leave your firearm in your vehicle, lol...unless I know you well enough to accompany you to the range!)
  • No crude, offensive, immature, manipulative or misogynistic behavior (unless we plan ahead! lol).
  • Minimum age 21. *However* I typically prefer over 35 in most cases, due to the overwhelming trend with the young people who have contacted me being very unreliable and/or insincere, or who sometimes exhibit an unacceptable tendency toward unappealing conduct; and...I'm just going to say it...the seemingly higher use of porn in these age groups has caused some issues I just can't explain in this space here, lol. I do not want to miss spending time with some of the great younger gents I have met, so those under 35 who contact me may be subject to more detailed screening and/or a deposit.
  • *Impeccable* hygiene. *Please* go easy with fingernails, and by the way, even if you are just sitting on a plane,  or behind a desk, or driving, for an hour or two-- yes, you need a thorough once-over with hot water and plenty of suds! thank you for being considerate! Lol besides, clean, fresh skin (EVERYwhere) is an incredible turn-on for me ::smile::).
  • Gentlemanly, courteous,  and mature behavior are essential. Please see the section "Who Do I Choose To Meet?" in my Welcome Letter if you will, for another view on what I seek in a companion! 
  • Do you keep records? And do you have a "privacy policy?"

I do not, and never have, kept records involving my client's personal information. I see no need to do so, and a whole lot of reasons not to. The only exception might be if I might have some of your old emails in my account (some I delete right away); or I may have  your number, if you requested that I keep it so that we could stay in touch.  I do sometimes, with your permission, put your name as described above into my Contacts, so that I will know it's "you" when you're calling. If I'm really busy, I might ordinarily let it go to voicemail, but if I see that it is "you" calling, I will go ahead and take a break to speak with you :). This does NOT mean I am going to call you, ever, unless you have asked me to, either at a specific time or reason (not just  because I want you to come see me "today" because my lights are about to get turned off, for example. Yes, it happens, I've heard). I try my absolute best to not cause the slightest negative ripple in my clients' lives, and I *greatly* respect your privacy.
I also do not gossip or share any information, personal or otherwise, with any other companions or my other clients.

  • What is client screening (aka "verification"), and why do you do it?

I am a policy girl. I am very discreet, and give security and privacy top priority, always. I simply have to be sure that you are safe to meet with in private. That being said, screening is tailored to the individual (and all reputable companions screen, btw). I am extremely creative in this area, and have never been unable to verify a sincere, bonafide potential client. If you are genuine in your interest, please do not worry that you will not "make the cut" :). Depending on our initial telephone conversation or email exchange, or when we are planning extended visits or travel, I may request additional information; my goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible, while still feeling reassured as to your forthright intentions. Example methods:  I accept two very trustworthy screening services-  preferred411.com or roomservice2000.com, and will consider others you may have a membership with; in some cases, I can accept references from other reputable providers (please provide up-to-date contact information and their website or online ad location); I may even be able to verify you through your review or board posting history; I can perform a discreet employment verification (not as bad as it sounds)- for example, viewing your online profile on your company website; or, we can first meet for drinks or dinner first if nothing else. I'm careful, but flexible. Gentlemen under the age of 35 may require a  more "vigorous" screening process; please see Question #12 for an explanation.

  • Do regular clients get a discount?

Actually, I have created packages which save my "frequent flyers," or potentially frequent clients a substantial percentage off of my advertised fees; I would be happy to design a money-saving package  which caters to your particular wants and needs.

  • Where do I place my donation?

If we're meeting at my place- please place your contribution, preferably in a plain envelope (or a greeting card- love it!), in an easy-to-see spot, such as on the console table in my foyer. Please do not discuss it, point to it, or otherwise gesture in its direction. I will take care of it when appropriate. If you choose to add a gratuity at the end of our visit, you may simply lay it down in any location or hand it to me personally (and thank you!).
Your place- here, too, please use an envelope or similar; if you will, leave it out in the most obvious place, where I can easily see it whenever I enter the room,  like a dresser for example; also, beside the sink in the powder room is fine.

  • Do you offer fetishes or do (fill in the blank)?

Some general questions that involve interests of a non hanky-panky-related nature I may be able to readily discuss (albeit briefly and with care and tact); to ask if I am "into" foot fetishes (usually), tickling (nope), belly-button play (yes, that was one of the most charming ones I've ever experienced!), domination (only light and playful these days), humiliation (no), smoking (yes), pantyhose (yes), etc.  You get the idea :). Otherwise, my policy, as it is with other reputable companions, is to not discuss such matters until we meet. To do otherwise  would raise liability issues. In order to help you along in this area, I've also painted a bit of a picture for you in my Welcome Letter, in the "About Us" section. You can also use my Raves (Reviews) page as a guide as well (homework? Yes! It's a consumer's responsibility lol). Let it be known that I do NOT entertain extreme fetishes; similarly, if you are contacting me expecting to be able to reenact your porno collection, please change your mind. That being said, I've never had anyone express any disappointment in what I DO offer ;).

  • Why do you ask new or returning clients to read over your entire website?

Although I don't require them to, I am always delighted when they do so; it means that my content, including my writing and my photos, has captured their attention- very flattering to know that my potential new suitor is enjoying my "company" already :). That, however, is not the principle reason; many  gentlemen arrive at my website with no, or little, prior experience with meeting a professional companion. As I stated in my Welcome Letter, in the bottom section entitled "At Last...," my site is a "carefully constructed overview of myself and what I can offer. It is designed to educate you, reassure you..."
My goal in having a gentleman read my website is twofold- either 1) he will contact me, using my preferred protocol, reassured that he has chosen the best companion for himself at this time; or 2) he will continue to seek out his ideal companion, now hopefully armed with enough information to be able to make his search safer and more fruitful. I certainly don't turn down appointments based exclusively on whether a gentleman has read my site or hasn't, but I can say that I feel much more comfortable much more quickly when I know that he is aware of my policies and expectations. And last, the booking process does tend to go much more smoothly, since many potential questions have already been answered by the site  content specifically designed for that purpose. Besides, I'm a research-before-I-buy kinda gal, so I gotta appreciate a man who does his "homework" lol.

  •  I'm new to this, and am not sure what to expect, or do next. Any advice or tips?

Absolutely. Luckily, there are luckily a few free, reputable sites that offer a sort of primer for newbies. Bigdoggie.net has a guide, and the Marc Perkel site has a wealth of information, although much of it may be outdated- but general principles should still apply. Absolutely essential reading is 32flavor's post "Hobby Primer for the Married Man." (This list to be updated and expanded pending additional research. The trouble I go to for you guys! Lol) . Also, try this e-book, perhaps: howtomeetescorts.com  I am currently reading it in my spare moments, so I cannot vouch for it in its entirety I will say that the gents that have contacted me who did read it- well, it was obvious that they pretty well knew what they were doing, lol.

Please feel free to use the contact form to submit any general questions you may like to have answered, perhaps those similar in nature to the one already listed on this page. Reservation requests and related matters can be processed via my Just Whistle (contact) page. Answers to submitted questions are either posted here (if they are frequent, of course! lol) or will be sent to the email address you have submitted with the form.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

My current collection of frequently asked questions and their responses. Some of this Q & A is geared toward "newbies," or those whose experience with time spent in the company of a professional companion is limited. In addition to addressing  issues unique to the beginner,  I have also included certain sections which pertain to  my policies in particular; for example, my screening process and options,  expectations for my clients, even instructions on what to do with my fee when visiting me for the first time.  Perhaps I believe even seasoned clients may benefit from skimming down the list in order to to survey the topics I have included (which appear in no particular order).

  • I would enjoy bringing you a gift. What do you like?
  • Flowers! Tulips are my favorite, but colorful mixed bouquets are great as well! Books galore! Coffee table books of travel, photography, nature and the like are especially awesome!
  • ​You, me, a good steak and perhaps some flourless chocolate cake to finish...then, our own dessert :)...
  • Yankee Candles are available locally in many stores, or online I LOVE their Wax Melts best of all!
  • I love unique jewelry and gifts from the lesser-known shops either in Nashville or online- the gift shop at the Frist Museum downtown is a major favorite!
  • Lingerie or gift cards from HipsandCurves.com, my favorite for stockings, bustiers, corsets, costumes and unimaginably original and high-quality sensuous apparel of all kinds. We could pick out something for me to wear for you when we meet, or you could peruse from home or work, and have me order what you want me to wear for you :).  I also regularly shop at Victoria's SecretSecretsinLace.com.
  • Gift cards or adult fun & games, even costumes, from the Hustler Hollywood Online Store (or, let's go find something at Hustler Hollywood Nashville that we want to play with together!).
  • Gift cards for Amazon.com (books and, well, everything!), Overstock.com and Wayfair.com, or Ross stores, even Home Depot!- I am decorating my new place, inside and out!
  • For personal care and little luxuries, Ulta or Sephora (essential for perfume, cosmetics and hair care),  or Joe's Crab Shack...I can decimate some crab legs :). Lol
  • Clothing, shoes, accessories & small leather goods, handbags & such- Nordstrom or Macy's are great as well :).
  • Can we meet for dinner or drinks before I schedule an appointment?

I can, on occasion meet before our appointment, depending on my availability, particularly if my potential new gentleman friend is very nervous. This allows us both to feel more comfortable that we are both sincere and genuine participants, and we have an opportunity to see if we have chemistry (and flirt!). This is also a great opportunity to do some planning if we are arranging a role-play session ;). Whether or not there will be a nominal fee for this meeting will depend on when and where we're meeting and the amount of time involved on my part; I will keep you informed if that becomes necessary.

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