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"When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned.
Do not have sex with the authorities."
― Matt Groening


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Now featuring two ways to view! To survey my photos in the Gallery, simply click on each image to view the full-size version. If you prefer to enjoy them slideshow-style, you can either click the dots below the viewer to move the presentation in any direction you wish, or simply lay back and relax, and a new image will appear every 4 seconds :).

Tip: Although there is never a more accurate portrayal of a woman than the one you will behold when you are finally in her presence, when you can experience her fully- her smile, the way she moves, the way you feel when you are with her- I've attempted to assist you in better envisioning what I'm like 'in person' by further describing my appearance and such in the "My Appearance" section of my Welcome Letter; hopefully this will enhance the impression you will receive from the digital images found in my gallery.For example, I will carry over this quote: "I frequently wear my signature smile- whether it be open and happy, wry and teasing, gentle and facial expressions, as well as my physical demeanor, typically reflect a unique "presence" that no photograph can ever capture. I've been told, more than once, that I glow from the inside-out :)."

On another note: I finally removed the several sets of photos I had kept in the album that chronicled my significant weight loss over the last two years. At this point I felt it unnecessary to continue to include them. I will say, though, that my rather rapid weight loss, which took place after many years of being heavy, did not do wonders for my body's appearance- particularly since I was already in my 40's when I underwent this transformation (which is still an ongoing process, btw). Although these are very accurate photographs, they do not blatantly feature my flaws lol. Perhaps just know that if it is physical perfection you seek, I may not be the girl for you :). Thanks ;)