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Asking Questions & Getting Info...

I would really encourage you to utilize my website in order to learn more about me before making your initial contact
Cheat Sheet- The three pages with the majority of the info most gentlemen are seeking are: the Welcome Letter, Essentials and the infamous Q & A).
My website is not designed to be just a glossy "brochure" intended to entice you into reserving my time; I have specifically, and painstakingly, designed it to provide you with

virtually every piece of information you might need in order to determine if I am the companion whose time you would like to invest in (including leads to info not appropriate for my website, ex: links to client reviews on the Raves page). When I visit a website from a product or service, that is what I want to find- but even then, I nearly always do research, including reading product or service reviews which hopefully tell the *real* story, the hype notwithstanding. That is why one of the initial questions I tend to ask first-time callers is whether or not they have read, or at least skimmed, my website- it helps me immensely when I know what information has already been procured, so that I know what direction to take with the conversation. It's not that I am impatient and don't want to take the time to provide information about myself and what I offer (although I really dislike being asked questions like "so tell me about yourself" that does make me impatient!); in addition, there are sometimes miscellaneous questions that haven't ended made it to my site as well. But I mostly, I find the experience of our first introduction much more fun, flirty, and dynamic when the basics have been covered by a perusal of my site. Have no fear, however- I am not a tyrant and will not become a jerk if you say you haven't even looked at it (although you are cheating yourself out of perusing some pretty hot pictures, lol); in fact, I have gotten into the habit of providing a "Cheat Sheet" (see above) to make the idea of reviewing such a large and info-packed website less daunting to my potential new friends :). This is true for me too though- I really appreciate it when an individual realizes that time spent doing due diligence, or homework if you will, almost always pays off with a higher-quality experience (which I sincerely strive to provide), and therefore a successful investment, if you will :); but far more importantly in this arena, a dramatically lowered probability of encountering any "problems" (*quite* the issue when seeking out a new companion).
Alright, enough with the verbosity!! We got it, Kate! So, let's...I don't know, "get it on" already! (lol!)

"If you want me just whistle. You know how to whistle don't you? Just put your lips together and blow.”  ― Lauren Bacall, "To Have and Have Not"

By Phone
Whenever possible, I answer calls daily at (727) 697-7461 (established clients are welcome to  all my private line)
, roughly between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. CST (unless of course I am requested to accept a call at another time). I return most calls the same day, usually within one to three hours, depending on such things as my study or traditional work schedules, any bookings I may have that day, or various other commitments. If I may make a suggestion, you are welcome to follow up via email in order to let me know that you are trying to reach me or have left me a message, etc. Some of my then-potential clients have done this before with much success, since I always receive my email immediately on that super-cool and always-present personal phone of mine.  

About Voicemail
When leaving a message, please speak slowly and clearly and repeat your contact number twice. Also, be sure to include any call-back instructions or parameters you may have; not only the best time(s) to reach you, for example, but more importantly when not to call. The practice of discretion is paramount to me, and such information is key in that regard. If you prefer not to have your call returned, but rather you will call me another time or perhaps email me instead, please do leave me a message stating so (the reason for this appears later on in this dialogue).
I Do Not Text. That Is All.
Exceptions may apply for screened/ established clients, I will advise you in that regard when I give you my private number :) that you know me
quite well, in a sense...
if you need me...
or just want me...
well...Just Whistle ;)

I extend to you my sincere appreciation (and a gold medal lol) for reading (and hopefully at times, enjoying) my website. I look forward to receiving your introduction, and to delighting in the pleasure of your company :)


a.k.a. the crash course in some Do's & Don'ts for your first communication with Kate :)
Gentlemen :)...  while I want you to feel completely comfortable asking questions and procuring information, please keep discretion, good taste, and issues regarding liability, if you will, first in foremost in your mind.

If I at all feel that is not the case, I will quickly bring our conversation to an end, perhaps with a remark such as "I'm sorry, I am just not the girl for you," or more likely, you will just hear a click and I will have gone away (lol).

Your Demeanor...
if you use profanity, speak like a thug, speak unintelligibly (or slur your words for that matter), have a rowdy party going on in your background/guys laughing and goading you on, insist on peppering me with "baby," "sweetheart," "hon" and other casual references usually reserved for sassy truck-stop restaurant waitresses, respond to my "Hello" with something like "whatcha gettin for the hour?" I will become quite annoyed and probably hang up on you :). As a part-time companion with a relatively small schedule to fill, I fortunately do not have to waste my time (or treat myself with a lack of respect) by accepting unacceptable behavior.

Contacting Kate

Wow. You're here. *Very* cool :).
Just one more page left (whew)! Below you will find details (of course- more details! Lol) in regard to my  various methods of contact, and what to expect when you take that first step in meeting me. I also supply you with tips as to what bit of preparation on your part will assist me in making this process a smooth, easy, even fun experience. And, next thing you know- you will be right next to me, in my private room, bathed in candlelight,  and...holding my hand? Lol.

Carry on then...::smile::

Via Email
Don't care for forms, or prefer to compose a a freeform message? Please email me at The same principles detailed in the section concerning the contact form apply in this case as well.

What Happens Next?

For return communication, particularly in terms of getting comfortable with you via my screening method(s), a phone call allows me the opportunity to begin to get to know a new friend in a way that email and such cannot. I also have found that both my potential client and myself begin to feel much more comfortable and relaxed even sooner when we can listen to each others' voices, engage in a bit of impromptu chatting and laughter, and yes...flirtation ;). A great side effect of this is that the screening process tends to be more simple, easy and smooth...not typically adjectives that come to mind when one contemplates "screening" :). I will mention that, too, a phone call is a much quicker and more efficient way to impart information, as opposed to the immensely time-consuming method of responding to an inquiry using my slooow keyboarding skills, combined with my habit of constant editing and reworking my text as I go. "Getting it right"-  every writer's obsession :).

I should mention that I do supply my screened/established clients with my personal phone number so that they can always reach me quickly and easily (one could not pry that super-cool Samsung from my cold, dead hands! lol)

Making a Great Connection

In regard to "what to do vs. what not to do" when initiating your initial contact & conversation with me, please view the section entitled "Other Miscellaneous Things To Know Before Contacting Me," located near the end of this page. The info, tips & hints there might be very helpful, particularly for those gentlemen who are fairly inexperienced, or "newbies," if you will :).
I find this approach to be far more pleasant than, say, answering the phone in my sweet, sultry voice, in anticipation of the charming conversation and flirtation I am about to enjoy with my potential new suitor... only to find myself being abruptly peppered with questions about my rates, location and availability, whilst completely in the dark about the person on the other end of the Your efforts at being, well, civilized (lol) will indeed capture my attention, and that could turn out to be a very groovy thing :).

Independent Escort

Thank you for your patience. A gratuitous leg photo appears below, an accompaniment to your continued patient perusal of this content.

My Secure Contact Form
You are invited to use my secure contact form. I really like the contact form method because the format seems to invite you to provide a bit of an introduction, which I *love.* It's such a pleasure when a gent tells me a little bit about himself- even if it is just providing screening information, stating the time and date/location in which he is interested, giving me notice that he is "new to this" ::smile::, or even sharing other facts about himself or his life that I may find interesting or helpful. Let's put it this way- including content of that sort within your introduction tends to really get my attention, even pique my interest- perhaps it might even upgrade your place in queue in the "to be answered" line, lol (I tend to process emails chronologically, but hey- sometimes a gal just gets *real* pumped up when reading some of these introductions, lol).

Secure Contact Form

Companionship the Way it Should Be

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