Note: A nominal deposit may be requested for lengthier engagements, travel or possibly other situations when a secured appointment is desirable. Typically a deposit entails a modest percentage of my fee. Please be advised that I may use a deposit for the purpose of a good-faith demonstration. *I* am sure that you, my sweet friend, would never seek to abuse our mutual trust by, for example, requesting that I drive two hours away two visit you, only to have been provided with a false address-- but alas, a few unscrupulous meatheads have made it necessary for me to create these and other policies. I have various, creative methods of transferring funds for this purpose, even instantaneously and anonymously- we will discuss your options during the planning stage of the booking process. Not to worry- I'm worth the hoops, if hoops we must employ :).

​Payment Methods
 (Please indicate in advance if you would like toutilize any of the non-cash options.)

  • Cash
  • Credit and Debit Cards: In-person swipe, online, or email invoice; reflects a legitimate business name with receipts available, please ask in advance if interested.
  • The "Cash" App, by Square: (I LOVE this one). Also uses credit/debit cards as well as an option to use your bank account.
  • Gift Cards I accept Visa gift cards, which are available for purchase using your credit card; these are usually available for purchase from grocery stores such as Kroger and Publix as well as major drugstore chains. This option may be particularly attractive for those who would like to consider me an...important client who needs schmoozing? Schoozing via your expense account, perhaps? ::smile:: and as such, utilize a company card. Please inquire well in advance. 
  • Other Gift Cards:  I will on occasion (particularly in light of the company card/expense account considerations as mentioned) accept retail gift cards such as,  Walmart, etc., as full or partial payment of my fees. Please inquire well in advance.
  • Expense Account or Independent Contracting  (checks or other):  I would be happy to create a scenario by which you can pay me with a company check or other related payment forms, such as your expense account. I can create invoices or receipts with letterhead for website design, marketing or consulting, or for that matter, the typical services your company may utilize. Note: Some limits may apply re: record-keeping. I don't care very much for "on paper," if you will.

Tips or gifts  are never required, but hell, they do make me feel very special, which typically tends to benefit the giver as well as the receiver lol. :). I know, I know, it is awful, but it's kinda true :). Need gift ideas? You can peruse my Welcome Letter for my interests, or visit the Q & A  page for my embarrassingly detailed Wish List :).

Classic Companionship Fees

  • Active-duty military always enjoy a discount or other special offers (such as the half-hour visit detailed below).
  • My fees listed below are calculated  as follows: My first hour is 225.00, the second hour is 150.00, and additional hours are reduced incrementally by 25.00 up to the Four Hour Dinner Date. Please inquire as to lengthier or multi-day visits or travel. Oh, and my Hour & a Half visits- my favorite by far, particularly for a first meeting- is always discounted by 25.00 :).
  • I *never* ask for any hidden fees or gratuities not previously agreed upon; the only exception might be if you ask to upgrade your appointment by adding additional time or specialty services.
  • The amount of time you choose to purchase is yours, and mine, to enjoy along with you; in other words, I won't desert you after 15 minutes or something, lol. That being said,  if you are in need of your solitude, or must take your leave before our visit is scheduled to conclude, I won't be insulted if you prefer to wrap things up early :).   

Essential Reservation Details

Classic Kate

Location, Location, Location (cont'd)

  • Outcall 
    I am available for outcall (the term for the scenario when I come to your location for our rendezvous, rather than the reverse) to better hotels and residences, typically within a 30-45ish minute radius from my home. This generally encompasses all of Nashville, including Downtown, the Gulch, West End/Vandy, Green Hills and  Belle Meade. In addition, Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, the Percy Priest area, Gallatin, Hendersonville, the Brentwood/Cool Springs are also within my area of consideration. Locations further out are considered on a case-by-case basis. Depending on my driving time and effort (fighting traffic!), I may ask for an hour-and-a-half or other minimum (alternatively a reasonable travel surcharge if your time doesn't allow for a longer visit) in order to help to cover my expenses and the potentially considerable investment of my time.

    With adequate notice, I am also amenable to "Roaming Outcalls" to outlying areas, such as Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Columbia, Bowling Green KY, etc. and beyond (I have been known to be enticed to travel out into the wild countryside! lol). An appointment minimum or surcharge to cover my time and travel expenses will apply. Note: In some cases I have requested a token deposit for this kind of endeavor; please see the Deposits section above, just underneath the Companionship Fees table, for additional information.

Do you see where I am going with this? Lol
And then, refreshed by a sudsy shower and cooling off with a complimentary bottled water (or beverage of your choice; I keep soda, diet soda, wine and several varieties of potent potables for your enjoyment), you will likely discover something like this --->
By the way, you are going to enjoy the incall accommodations in my always-tidy, comfortable home: I supply (and encourage!) a hot shower before (and after if you wish), gratis of course, in a clean, comfortable bathroom with gentlemen's toiletries and amenities such as these --->

Location, Location, Location

  • Incall
    I entertain 
    very discreetly at my charming residence near the Madison are of Nashville, Tennessee (NE part of the city, a couple of miles from Interstate 65 and Briley Parkway) a few days per week. I repeat, discreetly... very rarely more than one visitor per day, for example. I do have a "cover story" of doing marketing and ad when you visit- casual is fine (even jeans) but perhaps with a nice polo or button-down shirt. Perhaps that might do the trick rather than, say, baggy shorts and a rumpled "Duck Dynasty" t-shirt you quickly pulled from the hamper (lol, I can be so silly). Also, carrying a briefcase, laptop case, folders or file-like items of some sort would help to maintain the illusion I have so carefully crafted :). Hmm, possible dilemma- I'm thinking if you're bringing me a lovely bouquet of flowers (I love tulips!) or a similarly obviously romantic gift- well, um, just literally play that "close to the vest" I suppose, and tuck the incongruous item underneath your coat perhaps?? Lol, planning, always the planning!


I am available daily generally between 9 am to midnight, although you are encouraged to  inquire in regard to other times that may better suit your schedule; I am happy to be as  be flexible as possible and, for example, will extend my usual hours by request with prior notice (those late nights after meetings, dinner, and the boss or client who has drink after drink afterward- business travelers, can you relate? lol).

I do recommend allowing me as much notice as you can, in part because I really am a part-time companion, typically only scheduling 3-4 appointments per week, and rarely more than one per day.  Also, I appreciate the opportunity to have adequate time to plan my other obligations accordingly (in addition to blowing men's minds from Miami to San Francisco (lol) I am also a student, *and* an ambitious entrepreneur with a huge project in the hopper, you know!); one day's to a half day's notice is usually adequate. Or, for example, if you'd like to meet that evening (particularly in the later hours), contact me by mid-morning and we will make it happen :). For morning or midday visits, making our plans the day or evening prior works well. 

Although I do entertain last-minute requests, primarily from regular clients (two hours notice is almost always essential), these can at times be difficult to arrange due to other bookings, my study schedule,  or various other commitments. So, the general rule is- when in doubt,Just Whistle, and we will see if we can pull a rabbit out of a hat!

 One Hour


 Hour & a Half
 Best value- this is my fave way to meet- I hate to rush!
 Two Hours

 Three Hours

 Four Hour Date

 Half Hours
These short visits are primarily available for those active-duty military men who may have a slimmer budget, or for established clients who can only arrange the most brief periods of time to visit- however, please do not expect an hour's worth of companionship crammed into 30 minutes- I am not an acrobat :). Expect the half hour to be structured similarly to the one hour visit.
 Fetish/Role-play Sessions
Many of the more "tame" fetish-type activities (pantyhose, foot fetish, smoking, light spanking, etc) and some role-play scenarios (older woman seductress, naughty schoolgirl, sexy secretary) are available at no additional, or only a slightly higher, rate. However, sessions that require special preparation, intense focus and planning, or any expense on my part will be priced higher; we will discuss this in advance during the planning stage of the booking process.
Couples Play Dates
(Extra Person)

For example, 0ne & a half to two hours of forbidden bliss, 450.00 - 550.00
Based on 325/hr, 225 add'l hours for extra person. Two hours not enough? Call me about more :)


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"Sex got me into trouble from the age of fifteen: I'm hoping that by the time I'm seventy I'll straighten it out." Harold Robbins

What Now?

Well, we need to talk about how I  get to know my prospective gentleman friends well enough to feel comfortable entertaining them and enjoying their company; I do have certain methods  I employ for that purpose which are outlined in Question 11 of my Q & A page (ultimately, it is not nearly the distressing process as many worry it will be- I make sure of that ::smile::). My Welcome Letter  also begins to describe the type of gentlemen whose company I prefer to keep, under the heading "Who Do I Choose To Meet?" My more formal policies in regard to client conduct are covered in Question 12 of my Q & A  page as well (as you might guess, this Q & A page features some really important sh*t, lol).

In regard to the quality and variety of experiences I can offer you, look for the section entitled "About Us...," also in my Welcome Letter. For further info, Question 8 on the Q & A page (I told you! lol) provides some insight into some of the off-the-beaten-path services I indulge in as well...and some I don't :). You can top that off by perusing Raves, my comprehensive reviews page, which not only speaks to my legitimacy and reputation as a premium companion, but also to my considerable skill set :).

And, having availed yourself of the plethora of knowledge to be obtained from my three most informative pages (including the one you are on now), if you are not sufficiently intrigued- or at least pretty interested- to Just Whistle at this point (I just wouldn't know what to think! lol :), perhaps one more perusal of my ample Pictorial will assist you in making your final decision :).

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